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Electronode is specialized in custom product and electronic subsystem design.

We can act in all aspects and at all stages of an electronic development project, from the needs analysis to turnkey delivery of a robust, efficient and fully functional electronic module. All that remains is for our clients to manufacture the modules in desired quantity and in the manner of their choice.

Electronode has developed a methodology as well as structured practices to analyze and optimize all of the key steps required to create a well-performing electronic subsystem. Here is a brief summary of these steps, which also constitute the various components of our expertise:


  1. Client Needs Analysis
  2. Product Architecture
It is crucial to be attentive to our client in order to capture the essence of the product being created and the implied challenges. At this first step, we broaden our thinking in order to perfectly understand the needs of the application and to write good functional descriptions. Our experience in many markets at this stage can already add priceless value to our client's products, which will help them being better differentiated. arrow_right
Imagination, knowledge and experience are key factors at this second step. It is important here to anticipate the risks and difficulties of the subsequent steps. It is also important to create a high-level design, to strategically select components and to properly estimate the costs.  The result is a group of block diagrams with technical specifications for each block.
3. Detailed Design
At this step, schematics first illustrate the circuits that are designed by our team, with great attention to detail and quality. Then, the circuit board is carefully created by our CAD experts using specialized design software. We start by defining the mechanical and electronic constraints in collaboration with the production and assembly teams in order to ensure that the product will be easy to manufacture. At this stage, many documents are created, such as schematics, Gerber files for production of the printed circuit board, as well as assembly instructions, parts lists and theoretical manuals (hardware and software). 03-conception
4. Programming   5. Modeling and Simulation
When required, our experienced team of software designers develops and programs the embedded software for microprocessors, as well as the HDL code for programmable logic devices and tailored applications for PC-type computers. We master a wide variety of tools . This enables us to program very effectively. In all of these cases, we verify the code density and performance by analyzing the results generated by our compilers in order to leave nothing to chance. arrow_right
Before manufacturing a first unit, the digital and analog circuits are accurately modeled and verified by simulation. This is an essential step that ensures that the hardware and software modules are theoretically functional. Monte Carlo analyses (tolerance analyses of analog circuits) and thermal simulations might also be required.
04-prog   05-mode
  7. Testing   6. Prototyping
A thorough testing phase concludes all of Electronode's projects. We begin by doing a verification of critical circuits such as power supplies and clocks. Next, we configure the programmable logic and integrate the software. Then, we compare the initial specifications to the test results. Finally, if there is a deviation, we determine why the results are not consistent and we make the necessary adjustments until full compliance is attained. The client's internal teams are also involved at this stage and have to approve the performance of the electronic module before the end of the project. 07-tests arrow_left At the prototyping stage, Electronode can have the printed circuit manufactured, can order the parts and can assemble a few prototypes to save valuable time. Our technicians are trained to assemble high-density boards and to manipulate very small pieces using specialized microscopes. At this stage, the assembly documents are also validated by the production staff.

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