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Over the years, Electronode has designed and manufactured electronic products and solutions for manufacturers across several areas of economic activity.

Since businesses all have different needs, Electronode offers tailored services and is very sensitive to the specific needs of each industry. Our teams have developed a strong "vertical" expertise by working in diverse areas.
Given the economic sectors that are expanding in recent years and given the particular skills of our internal resources, the following types of businesses are among the clients of Electronode:
01-elec Products for the electronics industry (demo cards, test equipment and others). 05-science Scientific instruments companies and research laboratories.
02-ti IT (information technology) and Telecom equipment manufacturers. 07-jeux
Video game manufacturers. 
03-transport Electronic components and solutions for all types of vehicles and transport in general (avionics, automotive, navigation, truck, train, etc.). 06-energie
Electronic components and solutions for energy companies (batteries, solar energy, wind energy, etc.).
04-industrie Manufacturers of automation and industrial monitoring solutions (controls, data acquisition, robotics, etc.). 08-medical Medical technology companies. 

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