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We are much more than just simple operators. Our aim is to meet the design challenges of your business by designing winning products and by creating pioneering modules and electronic subsystems that will meet your expectations.


Acting as a true partner, we aim to remove all concern and to always protect your success and market position.

The advantages and benefits of working with Electronode include:

Product Positionning

Gains at the production level

State-of-the-art Technology

Robustness and Reliability

On-Time Delivery


Our consulting approach, our understanding of your needs, our strength in design, as well as our ability to improve on electronic solutions could enhance the positioning of your products, without increasing your costs.


Once we have found the best solutions with your team, we fully comply with the project’s specifications, which is a safe bet that additional gains will be made at the production level.


Because of our continual technological watch, the electronic modules that we create often succeed in pushing the limits of technology in key areas such as density, miniaturization, speed, efficiency and performance.


The electronic solutions that we use are internationally recognized for their robustness and reliability. We constantly strive to ensure your peace of mind!


Our reliability when it comes to delivering on time is often noted by our customers as one of the sizeable benefits of Electronode. High quality has always been the norm throughout our 25 years of experience.


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