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Since Electronode was founded, our team has been able to carry out complex projects that reflect our technological expertise. Among these projects, here are two achievements that illustrate the level of our work:

Key components for a
large cell phone manufacturer.

Circuits designed by Electronode are incorporated in more than 100 million cell phones worldwide. Our work in circuit optimization and cost reduction has enabled our client to penetrate the mobile market in an unprecedented way. Electronode continues to innovate for this customer by inventing new technologies that will eventually replace the first generation and allow this client to maintain a strategic advantage over the competition. Electronode is the co-author of patents that protect these innovations.

State-of-the-art circuits for a
client in the electronics industry.

For a cutting edge test equipment manufacturer, Electronode helped design analog circuits with a bandwidth of more than 10 GHz. These circuits adapt SERDES links for applications that test PCI Express 2.0 links. Adding to the challenge is the extreme density of these circuits: over 100 pieces per square centimetre. These circuits are among the most complex that Electronode has designed and contain 22 layers with blind via (seen from only one side of the card) and low dissipation materials to minimize losses at very high frequencies.






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