Who are we?

Electronode is a design company offering high end services in electronics.  Our mission is to meet the specific needs of our clients in terms of solutions, product design and custom electronic subsystems.

These products or subsystems are often designed in collaboration with the design firms of our customers, who then incorporate our solutions in their equipment or products.

We aim to enrich and complement our customers' electronic development and design teams by acting as an efficient subcontractor at the cutting edge of technology.



Technological Watch

Our continual technological watch informs us of all of the latest developments and breakthroughs in the field of electronics.  A few examples of what we are closely monitoring right now:

GPGPUs & the tools and languages to program them

These units, which are used in products such as the NVidia and ATI video cards, contain hundreds of graphics processors and will revolutionize our world with their phenomenal computing power.

OMAP3 processors by TI

The OMAP3 processors by Texas Instruments are based on ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessors. Their low power consumption and the fact that they consist of complete and ultra-miniaturized Linux systems allow them to be used in the development of revolutionary new products such as the Playstation PSP.


Over the years, Electronode has designed and manufactured electronic products and solutions for manufacturers across several areas of economic activity.

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Products for the electronics industry Telecom and IT equipment Vehicules et transport Automation and industrial monitoring Scientific instruments and laboratories Energy Video games
Medical equipment

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